Голдберги (2013)

Комедия | 22 мин.
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О сериале

Комедия посвящена эксцентричному, надменному и гиперэмоциональному семейству Голдбергов, живущих в Америке восьмидесятых.

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Сезон 09

Дата выходаНазвание серииСтатус
122.09.2021The Goldbergs' Excellent Adventure
229.09.2021Horse Play
306.10.2021Riptide Waters
413.10.2021The William Penn Years
520.10.2021An Itch Like No Other
627.10.2021The Hunt for the Great Albino Pumpkin
703.11.2021The Rose-Kissy Thing

Сезон 08

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221.10.2020The Prettiest Boy in School
328.10.2020It's All About Comptrol
404.11.2020Bill's Wedding
702.12.2020Hanukkah on the Seas
813.01.2021Bevy's Big Murder Mystery Party
1003.02.2021Geoff's New Hat
1110.02.2021Quaker Warden
1224.02.2021The Lasagna You Deserve
1303.03.2021Mr. Ships Ahoy
1424.03.2021Love Triangle
1607.04.2021Couple Off
1714.04.2021Who's Afraid of Brea Bee?
1821.04.2021The Dating Game
1928.04.2021Daddy Daughter Day 2
2005.05.2021Poker Night
2112.05.2021Alligator Schwartz
2219.05.2021The Proposal

Сезон 07

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202.10.2019Dana's Back
309.10.2019Food in a Geoffy
416.10.2019Animal House
523.10.2019Parents Thursday
630.10.2019A 100% True Ghost Story
904.12.2019The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook: Part 2
1011.12.2019It's a Wonderful Life
1222.01.2020Game Night
1329.01.2020Geoff the Pleaser
1412.02.2020Preventa Mode
1519.02.2020Dave Kim's Party
1626.02.2020Body Swap (fka Off-Campus Lunch)
1718.03.2020A Fish Story
1825.03.2020Schmoopie's Big Adventure
1901.04.2020Island Time
2015.04.2020The Return of the Formica King
2122.04.2020Oates & Oates
2206.05.2020The Fake-up
2313.05.2020Pretty in Pink

Сезон 06

Дата выходаНазвание серииСтатус
126.09.2018Sixteen Candles
203.10.2018You Got Zuko'd
417.10.2018Hershey Park
524.10.2018Mister Knifey-Hands
707.11.2018Bohemian Rap City
828.11.2018The Living Room: A 100% True Story
905.12.2018Bachelor Party
1012.12.2018Yippee Ki Yay Melon Farmer
1109.01.2019The Wedding Singer
1216.01.2019The Pina Colada Episode
1323.01.2019I Coulda Been a Lawyer
1430.01.2019Major League'd
1513.02.2019My Valentine Boy
1620.02.2019There Can Be Only One Highlander Club
1727.02.2019Our Perfect Strangers
1813.03.2019The Beverly Goldberg Cookbook
1920.03.20198-bit Goldbergs
2003.04.2019This is This is Spinal Tap
2110.04.2019I Lost on Jeopardy!
2201.05.2019Mom Trumps Willow

Сезон 05

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127.09.2017Weird Science
204.10.2017Hogan is My Grandfather
311.10.2017Goldberg on the Goldbergs
418.10.2017Revenge O' the Nerds
525.10.2017Jackie Likes Star Trek
601.11.2017Girl Talk
715.11.2017A Wall Street Thanksgiving
829.11.2017The Circle of Driving Again
906.12.2017Parents Just Don't Understand
1013.12.2017We Didn't Start the Fire
1103.01.2018The Goldberg Girls
1210.01.2018Dinner with the Goldbergs
1317.01.2018The Hooters
1428.02.2018Hail Barry
1507.03.2018Adam Spielberg
1621.03.2018The Scrunchie Rule
1804.04.2018MTV Spring Break
1911.04.2018Flashy Little Flashdancer
2002.05.2018The Opportunity of a Lifetime
2216.05.2018Let's Val Kilmer This Car

Сезон 04

Дата выходаНазвание серииСтатус
121.09.2016Breakfast Club
228.09.2016I Heart Video Dating
305.10.2016George! George Glass!
412.10.2016Crazy Calls
526.10.2016Stefan King
609.11.2016Recipe for Death II: Kiss the Cook
716.11.2016Ho-ly K.I.T.T.
830.11.2016The Greatest Musical Ever Written
1014.12.2016Han Ukkah Solo
1104.01.2017O Captain! My Captain!
1211.01.2017Snow Day
1415.02.2017The Spencer's Gift
1522.02.2017So Swayze It's Crazy
1601.03.2017The Kara-te Kid
1815.03.2017Baré (fka Doggie Howser)
1929.03.2017A Night to Remember
2005.04.2017The Dynamic Duo
2126.04.2017Fonzie Scheme
2203.05.2017The Day After the Day After
2310.05.2017Jedi Master Adam Skywalker
2417.05.2017Graduation Day

Сезон 03

Дата выходаНазвание серииСтатус
123.09.2015A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party
230.09.2015A Chorus Lie
307.10.2015Jimmy 5 is Alive
414.10.2015I Caddyshacked the Pool
521.10.2015Boy Barry
628.10.2015Couples Costume
818.11.2015In Conclusion, Thanksgiving
1009.12.2015A Christmas Story
1106.01.2016The Tasty Boys
1213.01.2016Baio and Switch
1320.01.2016Double Dare
1410.02.2016Lainey Loves Lionel
1517.02.2016Weird Al
1624.02.2016Edward 'Eddie the Eagle' Edwards
1702.03.2016The Dirty Dancing Dance
1816.03.201612 Tapes for a Penny
1923.03.2016Magic is Real
2006.04.2016Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?
2204.05.2016Smother's Day
2311.05.2016Big Orange
2418.05.2016Have a Summer

Сезон 02

Дата выходаНазвание серииСтатус
124.09.2014Love is a Mixtape
201.10.2014Mama Drama
308.10.2014The Facts of Bleeping Life
422.10.2014Shall We Play a Game?
529.10.2014Family Takes Care of Beverly
612.11.2014Big Baby Ball
719.11.2014A Goldberg Thanksgiving
803.12.2014I Rode a Hoverboard!
910.12.2014The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet
1114.01.2015The Darryl Dawkins Dance
1211.02.2015Cowboy Country
1318.02.2015Van People
1425.02.2015Barry Goldberg's Day Off
1504.03.2015Happy Mom, Happy Life
1625.03.2015The Lost Boy
1701.04.2015The Adam Bomb
1808.04.2015I Drank the Mold!
1915.04.2015La Biblioteca Es Libros
2015.04.2015Just Say No
2122.04.2015As You Wish
2229.04.2015Dance Party Usa
2413.05.2015Goldbergs Feel Hard

Сезон 01

Дата выходаНазвание серииСтатус
124.09.2013Circle of Driving
201.10.2013Daddy Daughter Day
308.10.2013Mini Murray
415.10.2013Why're You Hitting Yourself?
522.10.2013The Ring
629.10.2013Who Are You Going to Telephone?
705.11.2013Call Me When You Get There
812.11.2013The Kremps
919.11.2013Stop Arguing and Start Thanking
1207.01.2014You're Under Foot
1314.01.2014The Other Smother
1421.01.2014You Opened the Door
1504.02.2014Muscles Mirsky
1604.03.2014Goldbergs Never Say Die!
1711.03.2014Lame Gretzky
1818.03.2014For Your Own Good
1901.04.2014The President's Fitness Test
2008.04.2014You're Not Invited
2129.04.2014The Age of Darkness
2206.05.2014A Wrestler Named Goldberg
2313.05.2014Livin' on a Prayer



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